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Friday, April 20, 2012

Family gathering March 2012 @Chillies

halooo....Darling apa ni blog hidup segan mati tak mahu...jangan lah gitu...kena rajin sikit okays..
Hi Guys, tak de mende sangat...but i want to share this family gathering we had last March...something good happened to me and thus I share with everybody. Adik beradik semua ada except for Shabell atas sebab sebab yg tak boleh dielakkan....tetttttttt...I was glad that bell able to amke it despite his busy schedule.

I was so busy counselling that nite and thus, I just couldnt be the cameraman at the same time so I hardly have any pictures in my camera except for some which I have shared here.
I think I passed the details on the counselling part but just to note that I was glad to be able to get across whatever I wanted to tell.

 Noin yg sangat busy tangkap gambar tapi entah mana letak gambarnya.
Mama and Baba busy playing with their handphone...perhaps mama sms baba, baba try to call mama...emmmm

 Abang Duan handling the abang Chillies....sampai siap bagi tips...Abang duan kata kesian pulak the person was like ready for our command dari mula sampai habis

We also had impropmtu birthday celebration for my dearest mama. cake nya mano? tak nampak pulek....cake was the chocolate lava....yummy!
Orang Singapura tu tinggi noh kan? Akak muka agak sedih sebab right before this picture was drama swasta wahahahahahaha. Thank you all to make yourselves available especially my father yg malam buta pakai spec hitam...layan...!
Cik Darling tengah keluar asap kat hidung..semput marah... masa picture dicaptured..

To think about it we are all so very much like"Brothers and Sisters" the series....we are all so difference in our own ways --always clashed in opinion and characters...but we do love each other--period!