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Friday, February 10, 2012

Tips 1 : Trip planning

Last January, as usual during weekend or holiday time..kami ni pasti akan berdedai2 ke Pavilion jjcm-lah.. Kali ini entah mcmn ter-singgah ke kedai News and i bought a few mags yang menarik perhatian waktu tu..maklumlah Tahun Baru kan jadik kenalah cari mags yg menaikkan semangat memasang misi 2012 ni... cehhhh

Antara mags fave i is Personal Money and another two masih baru di almari i..Time is more to politics (minat juga) and Biz Sales lebih kepada tawaran perniagaan francais in Msia (menarik)

Well actually posting kali ini i nak share some tips about traveling planning from Personal Money Mags. I guess semua pun memang kuat Jalan-jalan kan..? If , like me I kureng sikit ikut travel agent lebih gemar on my own, well probably we may need to use travel websites to plan on our trip. Here are some that we can use to facilitate our planning and get the best deals..

a- : it compares hundreds of travel sites at once and outputs various airfares : to find best seat on a particular flight (just select the airline and enter flight number..seatguru will recommend good and poor seats) : guest reviews of the hotel or same as tripadvisor but they are more US and Europe-centric , asiaroom.comor : deals on hotel : pioneer website for holiday itinerary management (just submit your flight and/or hotel bookings and it builds an itinerary for your trip) : to read up on country's history, geo,culture,climate,people : travellers share their experiences in Asia : individuals travel guides to cities all over the world : the best travel blog that is very useful for trip planning..

Sekian.. Happy Travelling !!


Liz Duan said...

gosh ..i die if reading those...i have daily update on economy ...also feel like slowly dying reading them every morning...

Dazzling said...

..i pulak kena balance bacaan kerana banyak sangat gossip2 murah dikeliling telinga ni sampai naik jelak...heheee